The same day that Liberty Paper delivered to our City office, I got an e-mail from the assistant City Manager about what we were doing to green our offices. I was able to assure her that purchasing has had a green attitude and is proactive about using recycled products.  Thanks to your recommendation to use Grays Harbor Paper, the Mayor now knows that City Hall currently has a copy paper with 40% recycled content. Liberty Paper made me look like a hero!

-- Purchasing Director, City Government in So Cal.


Liberty Paper has provided quality copy paper to public school districts, colleges, universities and private schools across the United States for years. 

We bring your academic institution value by offering a bright and smooth line of premium paper at a surprisingly competitive price, combined with a dependable delivery service that will accommodate all of your needs.  

Liberty Paper has been awarded bids that range from 1 pallet to 120 truckloads for individual independent schools and districts that have 800 schools.

Our strategically located distribution centers with over 1,000,000 square feet of operating facilities across the country make it easy to service your needs throughout the year.

We provide hundreds of academic institutions with:

  • Quality Office and Copy Papers at Competitive Pricing
  • NCR carbonless paper (forms, blank, single-sheet and multiple part)
  • Dot Matrix Computer Paper
  • Stock and custom labels
  • Library Cards (paper and plastic versions)
  • Coordination and fulfillment of direct mail services
  • ...and more
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